Do you want a custom mockup created ?
Here's how the price is calculated.
Each Product Needs a 3D model. so the rate for a simple model is $50 per model. if your product is more complicated this might change. but 99% of the time this is the going rate.

Then Need your product labels.
If you don't already have a label for your product I can create one for you. label designing starts from $50 per label.

Now comes the mockup.

If you need the ability to change the labels for your products later on yourself, I have to create Photoshop PSD mockups. per PSD mockup created the cost would be $30

If you dont need to change the labels yourself, I can render high resolution scenes as JPG files. per JPG rendered the cost would be $10.

i.e: If you need a cosmetic bottle mockup in PSD format, the total would be $50 + $30 = $80.
or if you need just a JPG image the total would be $50 + $10 = $60.
contact me for a quote.
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